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Subjects we tutor

Subjects we tutor

At VNN Learning we offer tutoring in Maths, English, Science and more following the national curriculum but we don’t just offer academic courses. See below for an extensive list of all of our courses.

Tutoring for all core courses follow the most up to date national curriculum. 

The start dates and schedules for all our courses are flexible and customisable depending on the convenience and availability of the student and the tutor.  One to one tutoring sessions take place weekly and all sessions can be recorded so that the student can review and revisit topics or concepts they may not have understood.  




Employment Skills

Primary Maths

GCSE Physics

GCSE English Language

Introductory maths

Pre-GCSE (KS3)

GCSE Biology

Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar

Technology for all ages

GCSE Maths

GCSE Chemistry

A-Level English Language

Understanding Economics

A-Level Maths  

BTEC sciences


Coding for all levels

Further Maths

GCSE Economics


Computing for beginners


A Level Economics


The student can choose as many courses as they wish and when they wish to take them so that they can learn at their own pace. If there is a course that you be interested in but cannot find get in touch and we may be able to cater for you. We offer package deals for anyone interested in more than one subject.  

Employment Skills: why we offer them?

Having worked with a number of students, one of the most common challenges faced by learners is the use of technology. With so many learning opportunities now moving to the e-learning platform, it is essential that everyone becomes tech savvy so nobody misses out! We want to help prepare people no matter the age by providing them with the skills to prosper as we move into the modern era of education.

However, technological skills is not all we offer here at VNN Learning, we’re also aware that some essential skills that are not as available to adults can make a big difference in their daily lives such as ‘Understanding Economics’ which could help introduce you to the world of investment or ‘Introductory Maths’ which could be useful for someone looking to get back into maths after a long time out. Maybe you are a parent and wish to support your child better in a particular subject, or a student who wants to enhance their skills before entering the working world. There could be a number of reasons for taking up one these courses and whatever the reason we are eager to help. 

If you wish to know more please complete the online enrolment form or give us a call on 07727992706. 

*We do not provide certification for these courses as they are an introductory course to prepare you for potential qualifications.